Diferencia entre Blu-ray y DVD

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Blu-ray vs DVD

Blu ray and dvd are both optical discs. Almost identical in size, blu ray discs and DVDs have remarkably different storage capacities. A single-layer dvd disc can contain approximately 4.7 gigabytes of data, while a single-layer blu ray disc, basically of the same size, can contain approximately 27 gigabytes of data. The difference in storage capacity and the double layer option and the potential for futre development has attracted the attention of every producer using disc technology.

Blu ray is a different technology applied to the storage of optical discs. Blu Ray uses a different layer of DVD technology. Using the short wavelength of a blue-violet laser, the technology can write data more accurately, integrating more data into the disk. The opening configuration used is also different to maximize storage capacity. These changes have allowed more than twice the data to fit on a disk of comparable size.

DVD technology was commercially launched in the late 1990s. It revolutionized data storage. The technology originally used was chosen for its ability to provide continuous and reliable storage while resisting scratches. It was less efficient than other technologies that existed at that time, but it was the technology chosen based on its overall performance. The DVD was adopted by the film industry and the computer industry. It continues to maintain the majority of the video market today and many computers continue to use the technology in units. It remains prominent in units that are sold as peripherals.

Blu Ray is considered the technology of the future. Among the points of sale is the superior storage capacity of the technology. Another is the capacity of blu ray units for compatibility with previous versions. Many blu ray drives can write to blu ray and dvd discs and read dvd and blu ray discs.

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