Diferencia entre Coca-Cola y Pepsi

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Coca Cola vs Pepsi

We often have a Pepsi or a Coke when we have lunch, hang out with friends, or just when we watch television. Sometimes we opt for the taste, sometimes for the simple pleasure of swallowing, and may even be due to its popularity. Although many are not fussy, some prefer to have only one of the drinks in their majority.

The first way to distinguish between a can of coca and Pepsi is the color of the brand. The tails come in red cans, while Pepsi comes in blue cans. Although the drink has the same color, the brand is always in the specified red and blue colors.

The flavors of both drinks are different and it is easy to distinguish the difference. Pepsi tastes a bit sweeter than coca. This is due to the addition of artificial sweeteners. You can correct it when you take a sip of the drink. Sweetener additions leave a mild chemical taste after drinking. Compared to Pepsi, coke does not have that chemical flavor due to less artificial artificial sweeteners. When you drink cocaine, you feel more that cola flavor, while with Pepsi you get a fruity or fluid flavor.

The carbonation levels of both beverages are also different. It is higher in coke. Then, when you take the first sip of coca, you get that effervescence effect. This frizz is less in Pepsi. The effervescent nature can be identified by the bubbles that form when you open the bottle for the first time or just shake. It’s more in cocaine. And you get that bubbling taste in your throat with a Pepsi. Coca-Cola is softer. The bubbles disappear quickly as the effervescence of the coke escapes.

The basic ingredients of Pepsi are carbonated water, sugar, fructose syrup, caffeine, dyes, citric acid and other natural flavors. When the coke was launched, its main ingredients were caffeine and a small amount of cocaine. The other ingredients, such as Pepsi, are carbonated water, sugar, phosphoric acid and other natural flavors.

When it comes to the brand, the logo of the coke has not changed much since its inception. It may be a minor change in the source is all that changed. This has helped him stay in people’s minds. But Pepsi, on the other hand, has created several logos and slogans. This continued to change almost every year. Although the company and market analysts say that this is in tune with the changing trends of society, many do not accept it. Every time they see a new logo, they are afraid to try it thinking that all the drink has changed.


1.Pepsi uses the blue color to qualify and Coke uses red.
2.Pepsi is sweeter than coke.
3. The carbonization level is higher in Coke than Pepsi.
4. Branding techniques are used more by Pepsi Company than Coke.

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