Diferencia entre hecho y opinión

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Fact and opinion are really different in the sense that the fact is something that is true and the opinion is just a belief. The fact is backed by evidence and Opinion has no endorsement of any evidence.

A person who makes a factual statement knows that his opinion comes from the Fact. When a person who only makes an Opinion has no fact to substantiate. While facts are true statements, opinions are not. Opinion is only a subjective statement and the fact is objective reality. Opinion can only be an emotional explosion of an individual or simply an interpretation.

You can prove that the facts are true, but an Opinion can be true or not. Opinion can not be proven true. The fact is not a perception, but the opinion is only a perception of the thoughts. The fact is that everyone believes it is true, whereas opinion is believed to be true only by those who express it.

The fact is what exists and the opinion is only an opinion and nothing more. People only support the facts because they are true. Although people may have different opinions on any subject, they may be approved or discarded. Opinion is only a choice, while the fact is worthy. Even if people think their opinion is true and valuable, it may not be considered by others who have a different opinion for themselves. Meanwhile, everyone agrees when someone says a fact.

According to the Webster’s Dictionary, the fact is “everything that is done or happens, anything really existing, any statement strictly true, truth, reality” and opinion is something that “indicates a belief, a vision, a feeling or a conception. “

Opinion is only a thought or speculation and can lead to controversy. It may tend to dispel the truth, while a fact is only the truth and the truth itself.

The facts are strong statements and the opinions can be biased. The facts are always left behind in history, while opinions are only points of view that may not enter history.

When people say a fact, they can easily influence others. But an opinion may not have the strength to influence.

People sometimes find it difficult to make a distinction between fact and opinion. The correct understanding of the difference between fact and opinion is necessary to evaluate things and make judgments.

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