Diferencia entre EE. UU. Y Canadá

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United States vs. Glen

The main difference between the United States and Canada is political in nature. It may be more correct from the political point of view to say that the main difference is political participation. Comparing the two countries would effectively take a very long article, one that you probably do not want to read all the time. In addition to geographic and climatic differences, and differences in the predominant languages, there is a great difference in global interaction. Some may see this as a good thing, while others interpret it as a bad thing.

The geographical and climatic differences are quite obvious. There is more cold Arctic air in Canada, and EE. UU It has portions that extend close enough to the equator to be considered subtropical. This is also the reason for the difference in national pastimes, since winter sports are more traditional in Canada.

Canada also has regions with people who speak predominantly French, while the United States has areas of inhabitants who speak predominantly Spanish. Both countries have areas where immigrants from all over the world have settled, creating their own subculture within the culture.

Canada has abolished the death penalty for all crimes, including capital crimes. The United States has a state speech by state, which allows each individual state to make its own determination on the death penalty. Ironically, Canada’s murder rate is lower than that of the United States, and murder convictions are higher (when you compare percentages and not numbers) than in the United States. Canada also allows legal gay marriages, while this is considered a state problem by state in the United States.

Abroad, Canada has more voice than most people believe. However, the United States assumes a stronger political position and has a greater interest in international affairs. Canada is willing to engage in political maneuvers only when necessary. They tend to do so in silence, and are less intermingled with ongoing political problems around the world than the United States. This makes the country more autonomous and can stay much more neutral when it comes to difficult political problems and response actions.

Both countries have a high standard and both countries have their own benefits. Each country operates in a voting system for political power, although there are important differences in each system. There is a system of control and political equilibrium at stake for both countries. Canada has dedicated its energies, and its time, to build a country full of its own resources, where it has been possible. The United States has an extension budget for countries outside its jurisdiction, which often conflicts with the needs of its own people. As bordering countries, each one shares a peace agenda and has managed to prevent different political practices from interfering with their peaceful agenda.

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