Diferencia entre Chromebook y Laptop

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On the surface, both Chromebooks and laptops have the same design and structure, but Chromebooks are a completely new breed that is very different from their normal laptops and is all Google. Laptops have always been the undisputed kings of the mobile computer until the Chromebooks arrived on the scene. Chromebooks are a new range of faster but cheaper laptops with a lighter operating system. They run in the skin version of the Chrome web browser instead of Windows or Mac OS. Despite the operating system, you can literally do everything, such as watching and streaming videos, listening to music, editing photos, checking emails and more. How do you run most applications outside the cloud, It is mainly Internet based just like the Chrome browser. It is basically an improved version of the Chrome browser designed to be used while connected to the internet.

What is Chromebook?

Chromebook is a new generation of low-budget laptops running on Chrome OS based on Chrome, which is designed to be used with an Internet connection. They are very different from laptops with a totally different operating system, just like Android. Chrome fulfills its basic purposes quite well and is essentially mobile, considering that it is a machine only online that does most of its work in the cloud. Hypothetically, it is an average laptop with fewer bells and whistles. They are extremely lightweight, like ulrabooks that essentially do not require a lot of processing power or a large amount of RAM. Instead, they rely more on cloud services and Google applications to function. In simple terms,

Chromebooks are extremely popular in educational circles, thanks to optimized design and ease of use. Chromebooks can barely replace their feature-rich laptops, but they are worth every penny. Chrome OS mimics the feel of a Windows laptop with a search button similar to the Windows Start button. And it is extremely lightweight compared to Windows and Mac OS. It has everything from music and photos to maps and offices. It offers you the best of Google, Maps, Gmail and Docs that are stored securely in the cloud. It synchronizes with your Android-based devices; All you have to do is log in with your Google account and get going without the need for additional configuration. And the best part; Chromebooks are updated automatically,

What is Laptop?

The laptop is a portable personal computer with a smaller form factor. It has all the capabilities of a full-sized desktop, but it’s small enough for easy-to-use mobility. It is a miniature version of a computer powered by a battery and with on-screen keyboard, trackpad and trackball, which is technically a mouse. Unlike Chromebooks, laptops run on Windows and Mac OS operating systems. It is equipped with all the features of a personal computer, which means that basically it runs the same software and the same applications. However, laptops tend to be more expensive than personal computers. They are designed to consume less energy and generally work with AC power or batteries, such as Li-ion, NiMH, etc. They come with great processing power and lots of RAM to handle almost all tasks effortlessly.

Difference between Chromebook and Laptop


The main difference is obviously the operating system. Laptops usually run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, which is a complete operating system designed for all kinds of things. Chromebooks, on the other hand, run on Google’s Chrome operating system, which is basically the deleted version of your Chrome web browser.


Chrome OS es básicamente un navegador web Chrome con algunas funcionalidades adicionales y se basa en los propios servicios de Google, como Gmail, Maps, Docs, Drive, etc. Cualquier computadora portátil con sistema operativo Chrome es una Chromebook. No requiere un gran poder de procesamiento o una gran cantidad de RAM como las computadoras portátiles para funcionar. En cambio, está basado en la nube, lo que significa que las aplicaciones y los programas se almacenan en la nube.


Los Chromebook están diseñados principalmente para su uso en línea, por lo que las especificaciones no importan tanto como a los portátiles de Windows. Como todo está almacenado en la nube y los archivos se almacenan en Google Drive, no requieren unidades de disco. En cambio, aumenta el almacenamiento con tarjetas SD o tarjetas USB si es necesario. Las computadoras portátiles tienen unidades de disco o SSD de alto rendimiento para el almacenamiento.

Microsoft Office

El paquete de Microsoft Office no se puede instalar en un Chromebook. En su lugar, puede usar Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel y One Note basados en la nube de Microsoft en un Chromebook. Los documentos y hojas de Google nativos de Chrome son las mejores alternativas para Word y Excel. A diferencia de Windows, Chrome OS no le permite descargar aplicaciones; en su lugar, depende de las aplicaciones web.

Acceso a la impresora

Los Chromebook no se pueden conectar directamente a una impresora a través de un puerto USB o una red Wi-Fi. En cambio, debe enrutar sus trabajos de impresión a través de la web usando Google Cloud Print. Los Chromebook solo funcionan con las impresoras listas para imprimir de Google Cloud.

Juegos de PC

Los Chromebook no están equipados para ejecutar tus juegos de PC favoritos, como Call of Duty, Need for Speed, etc. Los equipos portátiles, por otro lado, pueden manejar juegos bastante bien con la excepción de títulos de juegos AAA que requerirían computadoras portátiles ultra juegos.

Chromebook vs. Laptop: Tabla comparativa

Resumen de Chromebook vs. Laptop

La principal diferencia entre los Chromebook y las computadoras portátiles es, por supuesto, el sistema operativo. Mientras que las computadoras portátiles se ejecutan en el sistema operativo más popular de Windows, las Chromebook se ejecutan en Chrome OS basado en la web, que es básicamente una versión del navegador Chrome con algunas funcionalidades adicionales. Si bien ambos tienen el mismo aspecto, en la superficie, tienen diferencias significativas en términos de especificaciones y rendimiento. Uno de los muchos aspectos que diferencia claramente a una Chromebook de una computadora portátil es que hace un uso extensivo de la nube y está diseñado principalmente para uso en línea. Los Chromebooks que ingresaron a la competencia no hace mucho tiempo, no son para todos.


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